Luxury Awaits

Imagine yourself walking barefoot across soft, powdery sand, breathing deeply, feeling the warmth of the sun, balmy breezes against bare skin and smelling the scents of ocean and plumeria.

Oahu has much to offer. Whether you’re looking for an ideal vacation, retirement home or a permanent residence, excitement, adventure and luxury living can be yours.

If your interests lie in the field of natural living, Oahu may well be one of the best places to live in the world. Natural and wellness businesses abound specializing in everything from acupuncture to lomi-lomi massage to yoga. Farmers markets are year-round and can be found in almost every neighborhood.  They are fun and lively, offering locally grown farm fresh produce and mouth-watering delicacies. If you enjoy growing your own food, you will find that you can grow almost anything in your own back yard.

For water enthusiasts there is sailing, surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving and fishing. Or you can just kick back and soak up the sun. In Hawaii you can live your dream of happiness and luxury, whether it’s entertaining good friends, shopping and dining, browsing an exhibition, reading a great book in the shade or watching your family frolic in the waves.

Hawaii is known for it’s perfect weather, amazing beaches, world-class shopping and beautiful golf courses. But did you know that Hawaii is also a cultural melting pot filled with delicious food, lively attractions, and the Spirit of Aloha?

This Spirit of Aloha is perhaps the most subtle yet important attraction about Hawaii. So, what exactly is this ‘Aloha Spirit’?  You most likely know ‘aloha’ as a familiar greeting for “hello” and “goodbye”. In the Hawaiian Dictionary, ‘aloha’ is defined as love, affection and compassion along with 35 other meanings!  It’s meaning goes deep and the ‘Aloha Spirit’ can be regarded as a philosophy or way of life where we treat ourselves and each other with love and respect.

Choi International specializes in distinctive, luxury properties.  If you are looking for a family beachside retreat, an easy-care luxury condo or an elegant estate, Choi International can help you to find your perfect piece of paradise in the Aloha state.


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