China Happenings

It seems hard to believe that we have been going to China for the last 7 years.  Our first meeting on our initial trip to Shanghai resulted in a new client who purchased a home in Kahala.  That was unexpected, but has fostered our continuing interest in China and Asia in general as sources of business for our firm.  Since that first visit, we have continued to learn more about China and have participated in new programs to spread the word about Hawaii.

Here are some takeaways from our most recent visit to Hong Kong and Beijing:

1) Despite a tightening of monetary policies and a return to Maoist principals, Chinese are still buying real estate all over the world and Honolulu will get its share of buyers.

2) Honolulu will continue to be a draw for the same reasons that our city appeals to Asians in general – clean air and water, reliable food chain and medical care.

3) Besides continuing with our Asia program, the big takeaway from this year is the quality of air in Beijing. On two of the days that we were there, the air quality was 160 and 230 AQI.  We have included below the Air Quality Index Guide for your reference.

Air Quality Guide for PM2.5:

AQI Guide for PM2.5


Below are pictures of the 2 days in Beijing:

160_caption Beijing - Pollution 230_caption

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